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Flock fibers have varied shapes and sizes that are specific to different needs of the user. On a crosscut most flock fibers are round, but they can be shaped have different shapes, like a three-leaf clover which creates a more reflective surface. This fiber will create a sparkle-like effect.

The fibers may be dull, semi-dull, or bright, and are cut to specific lengths again based on needs of the user. Flock It! is able to provide specialty fibers for its many different types of customers.

Fibers that are used on floor mats are longer and thicker so that they can stand up to aggressive use. These same fibers can be used on the handle of a fishing rod to provide maximum cushion as well as excellent wear.

Fibers that are applied to T-shirts are cut to a much shorter length from a much thinner fiber. With our years of experience at Flock It! we take pride in assisting our customers with their specific and varied needs.

TAXIDERMISTS need longer, thicker fibers to repair a variety of animals that are brought to them.

It might be to simulate the velvet on antlers or fibers used to patch an area of fur. These fibers are available up to 1/4” or 6mm.

Many of our customers will purchase a variety of colors that they blend to create a more realistic look.


Because of the length of these special taxidermist’s fibers they tend to ball up when stored. This is not a moisture issue; it is the nature of the fiber. 

Before using them it is recommended that you put them through a wide screened sifter to break them up. This will make them easier to work with. These fibers are custom made in the lab and are typically $95.00/pound.

Flocking fibers simulate the velvet on antlers.


COSTUMING AND SCENERY often need specialty fibers. We have provided fibers to museums for their dioramas, theatre for stage scenery, “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) for costuming, and scenery designers for movies.

ARTISTS use specialty fibers for unique projects. Artist Ken Nintzel is creating the constellations in three dimensions. He has about 19 constellations so far and plans to recreate them all and position them accurately in a natural light venue where the lights will turn on gradually as the sun goes down. This video shows Ken’s application:



 GI JOE AND OTHER DOLLS can be restored to their original appearance. A specific length and thickness similar to the original fibers is used. These special cut fibers should be applied electrostatically for the most successful finish.

Five colorsrust, blonde, black, brown, and silverare available from Flock It! for just $5.00 per ½ ounce. Click here to order GI Joe Flocking Fibers

Here is a YouTube video about how make an inexpensive electrostatic flocking unit that can be used with this type of fiber. It is produced by one of our customers, Flock Concepts, who has been restoring doll heads for quite some time.


TO ORDER SPECIALTY FIBERS:   These specialty flock fibers cannot be ordered online.
Email or call us at 815-986-1097 to place your order.

Flock It! has more than 65 years of experience and is pleased to help our customers get the right fibers for the right job. Please contact us to discuss your project and how we may help you.

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