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Flock It! Distributors

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Design with Flock in Mind

Do you think your company is too small to take on the latest trend in decorative screen printing — flocking to create a soft, fuzzy finish?

Do you think you have to purchase too much fiber for the small runs that you produce? Or, perhaps you need a custom color for a short run?

Flock It! has been supplying flocking fibers to a variety of industries for over the past 65 years. As the country’s largest small quantity distributor of flocking fibers, we are able to maintain a wide selection of colors in inventory.

We have the capability of providing as little as
one pound of flock fiber and as many as several hundreds of pounds in a timely manner. Nylon flocking fibers and special sized flocking fibers are also available.


Custom Blending Available

Flock It! also has the unique ability to match your special color needs either from sample swatches or from Pantone numbers.

By blending flocking fibers from its wide selection of colors, quantities from one pound to 550 pounds (or more) can be created to meet your scheduling needs.


Request Color Samples 

A sample set of our more than 20 standard washfast colors is available by request. Please call us at 815-986-1097.

Flock It! is looking forward to meeting your special screen printing needs in the near future.

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