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Suede-Tex Flock Fibers




Suede-Tex Spray-On Flocking Fibers are available in two (2) types:  

RAYON - durable for indoor use

NYLON - durable for indoor and outdoor use

Application of the flocking fibers is identical for both Nylon and Rayon, using the same Suede-Tex undercoat adhesive and application equipment.


Suede-Tex RAYON Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers are used to create a soft, velvety texture on a variety of surfaces, and are used primarily as a decorative finish. RAYON fibers are recommended for indoor use only.

We have been selling this fiber to satisfied customers for over 65 yrs. RAYON fibers are known for their color intensity and brightness. Available in a variety of colors; custom colors can be ordered.


  • Made from wood pulp; fiber size: .030”-3denier (.75mm – 3.3dtex)
  • Easy to blend to create endless numbers of colors
  • Finish is durable to indoor use
  • Popular for lining jewelry boxes, holiday decorations, model cars


Suede-Tex Rayon Fibers

Examples of What Suede-Tex RAYON Flocking Fibers Can Do!

Rayon flock adds texture to your backgrounds.

Flock the inside of boxes and drawers with Rayon flock for a professional look.

Rayon flock provides protection for the bottom of items.

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Suede-Tex NYLON Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers can be used to create a soft, velvety surface for decorative applications, as well as a durable and non-slip surface. NYLON flocking fibers are durable, weather resistant, and colorfast, making them a good option for either indoor or outdoor applications.

Popular applications include auto restoration, goose and duck decoys, fishing rod handles, and dashboards in rally cars to reduce glare.

FLOCK IT! began offering NYLON fibers in 2005 to answer the needs of outdoor uses.      Available in a variety of colors; custom colors can be ordered.   


  • Made from petroleum; Fiber size: .040”-3denier (1mm-3.3dtex) 
  • Fade resistant to UV Rays
  • Does not show handling
  • Water resistant; can be cleaned with a hose


Suede-Tex Nylon Fibers


Examples of What Suede-Tex NYLON Flocking Fibers Can Do!

Nylon flock gives your car a fresh, finished, professional look and is fade resistant to UV Rays.

Nylon flock makes your decoys look life-like and is water-resistant.

Nylon flock provides a durable finish for a variety of outdoor projects.
Newsstand Art Project

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Application of the flocking fibers is identical for both Nylon and Rayon:

1. Coat the surface with color-coordinated Suede-Tex Undercoat Adhesive.

2. Apply the matching Suede-Tex flocking fibers using a Mini Flocker or Air-Assisted Spray Applicator.

 Watch a short video on How To Apply Flocking

Click on a link for detailed information on How To Apply Suede-Tex Spray-On Flocking:  

 How To Apply Suede-Tex [.pdf opens in new window]

 How To Flock A Dashboard [.pdf opens in new window]

 How To Flock Decoy [.pdf opens in new window]


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