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Suede-Tex Applicators



Mini Flocker

Cardboard tube flock applicator - completely manual. Used to apply Suede-Tex Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers.

Air-Assisted Spray Applicator

Designed to be used with an air compressor at 10 to 15 lbs. of air pressure. Used to apply Suede-Tex Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers.

Extra Air-Assisted Spray Applicator Canister

Additional canister for the Air-Assisted Spray Applicator. Useful when working with multiple colors or on a large project.

CP70 Electrostatic Flocker
Produces a more dense and even coating than using the spray-on method.

The CP 70 Electrostatic Flocker can be operated from any 110 electrical outlet or on just 3 single cell 1.5 volt size D batteries. The unit includes 3 sizes of applicator cups: 2", 5", and 8", making it possible to flock almost any size surface.

Suede-Tex Applicators

Air-Assisted Spray Gun, Mini Flocker, Extra Canister

Cp70 Electrostatic Flocker

CP70 Electrostatic Flocker
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Click on a link for detailed information on How To Apply Suede-Tex Spray-On Flocking:

 How To Apply Suede-Tex [.pdf opens in new window]

 How To Flock A Dashboard [.pdf opens in new window]

 How To Flock A Decoy [.pdf opens in new window]


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