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Suede-Tex Flock



Enhance the decorative appeal of hundreds of items with the brilliant colors and soft texture of Suede-Tex spray-on finish. Flocking can be used to create a soft, velvety surface on a hard item, or to create a more durable and non-slip surface on a smooth or otherwise non-durable surface. 

Easy to use with over a variety of colors available
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Flock It! flocking fibers cover a wide variety of projects.
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Suede-Tex allows you to create a professional looking finish using a simple two-step process:

  1. Coat the surface with color coordinated Suede-Tex Undercoat Adhesive
  2. Apply the matching Suede-Tex flocking fibers using Flock It's Mini Flocker or Air-Assisted Spray Applicator

Examples of What Suede-Tex Can Do! 
Flock the inside of boxes for a finished look and protection for your items. Flocked goose head adds texture for a realistic look. Our applicators give an even finish on your toughest items!

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Suede-Tex Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers

Suede-Tex Spray-On Flocking Fibers

RAYON and NYLON fibers


Suede-Tex Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers

Suede-Tex Adhesives 

Specially formulated and color-coordinated


Suede-Tex Application Equipment

Suede-Tex Application Equipment 

For professional quality results


Mini Flock Kits

Mini Flocker Kits 

Everything needed to get started