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Soft Flock



Perhaps you remember the soft, fuzzy feel on greeting cards, textured wallpaper, or inside jewelry boxes, and you wonder how they got it to feel that way without seams or wrinkles. Now anyone can create that same texture with Soft Flock.

The Soft Flock finish is safe, non-toxic and cleans up easily with water. Kids from 5 to 95 have fun working with Soft Flock on a wide variety of projects. There is NO SKILL REQUIRED. The large variety of colors provide a professional look on almost any surface in just minutes.

  • Works great for small projects
  • One (1) ½ oz. package of Soft Flock will cover up to 2 sq. ft.
  • Uses a clear water based adhesive – cleans up with water
  • Can be made permanent by heat-setting
  • Recommended for flocking items that will be used indoors only

Butterfly puzzle pieces flocked with Soft Flock.
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Some suggested uses for Soft Flock are:

  • Lining boxes wooden, papier-mâché, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Holiday decorations Christmas Santa suits, Easter bunnies, Valentine hearts
  • Miniatures doll house carpeting, furniture upholstery, grass, fuzzy animals
  • Model Cars and Model Plane Interiors
  • Rubber-stamping apply the glue with a stamp and then apply flocking fibers.
  • Greeting cards using a stencil, rubber stamp, or freehand create a fuzzy card
  • Clay or Femo to soften the look
  • Picture Frame Mats
  • Scroll saw projects
  • Doll Clothing
Examples of What Soft Flock Can Do!
Jewelry Box Trinket Box Holiday Decorations

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Soft Flock® RAYON Fibers

Soft Flock RAYON Fibers


Soft Flock® RAYON Fibers Adhesives

Soft Flock RAYON Fibers Adhesives


Soft Flock® RAYON Applicator Bottle

Soft Flock RAYON Applicator Bottle