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Suede-Tex Flocking

  1. Suede-Tex Fibers
  2. Suede-Tex Adhesives
  3. Suede-Tex Applicators
  4. Suede-Tex Mini Flocker Kits


Soft Flock Flocking

  1. Soft Flock Fibers
  2. Soft Flock Adhesives
  3. Soft Flock Applicator


What is the difference between Suede-Tex and Soft Flock?

Suede-Tex and Soft Flock are the same rayon fibers but packaged differently. Soft Flock is meant for crafters doing smaller projects, e.g. miniatures, models, holiday greeting cards, decorations, etc., and is packaged in smaller, ½ oz. packages.

Suede-Tex flock is also available in nylon fibers that are weather resistant and colorfast, making them a good option for either indoor or outdoor applications.

Suede-Tex and Soft Flock adhesives and applicators are different. The Suede-Tex adhesive is more durable and because of its consistency does a better job of creating a smooth, even finish on larger surfaces.

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